Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is where all structured data of a company is stored after laborous ETL efforts. It is a big investment that is usually guarded by a group of data professionals tasked to ensure that ingest and digest processes run smoothly on a rigid schedule. On the other side of the equation, enormous demand for data and intelligence from users and departments are creating extreme stress on the EDW. Naturally, this antagonistic demand-supply relationship generates tension in any data-driven organization.


Vitesse DB Enterprise Edition with included LOFT column server.

LOFT (Large Optimized Foreign Table) column server can be used to store a functional subset of the EDW's fact and dimension tables. LOFT is partition-aware so that the copy effort can be limited to partitions that changed. Convenient LOFT-to-LOFT replication also enables scale-out of the storage.

Vitesse DB Enterprise Edition is a Postgres database that runs OLAP queries up to 180X faster. With easy “Foreign Table” definition, Vitesse DB can run queries against LOFT directly. This arrangement affords each departmental or functional group to have its private data mart. Since the respective groups are now owners of the data marts, they can use their data marts at will. There is no longer any need to negotiate time slices on EDW or to attend EDW load planning meetings.

With minimal effort, Vitesse LOFT and Vitesse DB can be further deployed into AWS cloud, conveniently exposing the EDW data to even more users.

Key Benefits

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