For Small and Medium Enterprises with less than 100TB of data, distributed MPP or Hadoop are overkill. Wouldn't it be great if Postgres can serve as EDW?


Vitesse DB Enterprise Edition.

These days, 100TB of data fits into an SSD array easily. With column store compression, even more data can be stored. This is a sweetspot for Vitesse DB Enterprise Edition, as it can efficiently utilize all the cores of a current generation server machine to execute complex OLAP queries swiftly against the data in memory and SSD.

Operation wise, because this is a simple single server solution, there is no need to worry about multiple nodes, complex configuration, and node-to-node replications. Indeed, one customer replaced his 4-node MPP with Vitesse DB precisely because Vitesse DB requires only half the staff time for day-to-day upkeep and operation, and yet, performs on par with the MPP.

Key Benefits

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