CK Tan / ceo / founder

CK was Director of Data Services at Elance-oDesk where he ran the database group. Prior to that, he was Sr Architect at Greenplum. Early in his career, CK worked on MPP database at Informix XPS. Before Informix, he worked as a research staff at UW-Madison Database Research on Shore Storage Manager and Exodus Storage Manager.

Feng Tian / cto / founder

Feng was an early engineer at Datrium. Before that, he led the database-as-a-service project in VMware. Along with CK, Feng was also at Greenplum during the early formative days as Sr Engineer. Prior to Greenplum, he worked on Microsoft SQL Server. Feng holds a PhD in computer science from UW-Madison.

Joe Hellerstein / advisor
Joe is Trifacta’s Chief Strategy Officer and a Professor of Computer Science at Berkeley. His career in research and industry has focused on data-centric systems and the way they drive computing. In 2010, Fortune Magazine included him in their list of 50 smartest people in technology, and MIT Technology Review magazine included his Bloom language for cloud computing on their TR10 list of the 10 technologies “most likely to change our world”.