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Vitesse DB is PostgreSQL with Vitesse Engine. It speeds up OLAP and heavy queries, in some cases by more than 180X, making Vitesse DB a viable PostgreSQL solution for data mart or small data warehouse.


By design, Vitesse DB is 100% compatible with PostgreSQL from SQL syntax down to the wire protocol and bits on disks. Current PostgreSQL applications, tools, and operational processes will continue to run as-is. In other words, there is ZERO migration effort.


Includes LOFT (Large Optimized Foreign Table), a shareable and replicable column store server designed for data mart. It eases data ingestion processes, compresses the data for up to 50% savings in disk space, and enables even better query performance.


Vitesse DB Standard Edition Vitesse DB Enterprise Edition Remarks
Subscription Pricing $1,000/instanceper-core pricing Annual license with email supported included.
Speed1 8X faster100X faster
(180X faster on column store)
Allow for data exploration with live SQL. Turn around reports and batch jobs quicker. Extend HW lifetime and save electricity.

1Speed obtained from TPCH Q1.
100% Postgres Compatibility Deploy and play. Zero migration cost. No modification necessary on applications, tools or operations.
x86 Acceleration Dynamic query compilation and register-level optimization on modern x86 CPUs.
COPY Operator Acceleration Ingest data up to 2X faster. Use fast SSE instructions in COPY instruction to speed up CSV parsing.
Parallel Query Execution Employ all available cores to improve the productivity of data scientists and data engineers.
LOFT Column Store Reduce storage cost with compression. Increase I/O throughput on big table scans substantially. Shareable so the fruits of one ETL endeavor can be shared amongst many Vitesse DB instances.

Use Cases

Data Mart. For companies with an existing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), a data mart is simply a partial copy of the EDW that is focused on a single subject or functional area. It is typically owned by a department and can be utilized without impacting the EDW. Vitesse DB Enterprise Edition can function as data marts to offload Greenplum DB, Vertica, Teradata, or Exadata warehouses.

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Small Data Warehouse. For companies with up to 100TB of data, Vitesse DB Enterprise Edition can be used directly as the EDW. It is much more cost efficient to acquire, maintain and run as it starts out economically, requires only a regular Postgres DBA for admin, performs on par with a 4-node MPP, and single-box instance means there is not the usual configuration and distribution headaches that come with MPPs.

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Enhanced Postgres. In a typical database-driven application, the ubiquitous 80-20 rule comes into play as 80% time spent in short transactional SQL, 20% in long reporting SQL. In particular, the reporting SQL can cause big disruptions because they tend to wipe out cache locality, drain system resources unevenly, or hold on to one too many locks. Vitesse DB Standard Edition provides a big speed boost for the reporting SQL, helping to level Postgres database load during those crucial peak times.

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