Apache Geode

Performance is key. Consistency is a must.

Geode is an extremely versatile data product. It is a distributed in-memory database, queueing system, transactional system, rule engine, no-SQL, new-SQL, distributed cache and object-oriented java backend all rolled into one. After more than 10 years of real usage on Wall Street and Main Street, it is now hardened more than any other memory data products out there — a highly flexible data engine that is ready to go to work on day one.

IMDG — In-Memory Data Grid

An IMDG system is in essense a distributed main memory database.

In many usage scenarios, an IMDG can be highly complementary to a data warehouse.

Pre-built Binaries

You can download Apache Geode releases from the official website.

Support Contracts

We provide support services for customers running Geode.

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