Deepgreen DB

100% Compatible with Greenplum DB

Deepgreen DB is derived from the open source Greenplum DB project. It maintains 100% compatibility with Greenplum DB. From SQL and stored procedures syntax, to storage formats on disk, to operation utilities such as gpstart or gpfdist, Deepgreen DB ensures full compatibility to minimize effort in redeployment. In particular:

  • No need to reload data.
  • No changes to SQL code (both DML and DDL).
  • No changes to stored procedure code.
  • No changes to user-defined function code.
  • No changes to connectivity and
  • authentication protocols such as odbc and jdbc.
  • No changes to operational scripts such as
  • bash backup scripts and cron jobs.

What is the difference, then?

More Speed — For most OLAP workload that is CPU-bound, Deepgreen DB runs up to 3X faster than Greenplum DB on average.

More Connected — Using Xdrive, Deepgreen DB can read/write to/from many external data external sources in a distributed and efficient manner.

More Intelligent — Using the Transducer, Python and Go code fragments can be directly embedded into SQL to group and push data to TensorFlow for machine learning.