Open-source Greenplum

World's First Open-Source and Massively Parallel Data Platform

Greenplum provides powerful and rapid analytics on extreme data volumes. For details on the project, see Greenplum Database. Here are some highlights:

  • Massively parallel shared-nothing architecture
  • Petabyte-scale loading
  • Innovative query optimizer
  • Polymorphic data storage and execution
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • External data accessiblity

Pre-built Binaries

The Greenplum Database© project is released under the Apache 2 license. To enhance adoption of the technology, Vitesse Data provides pre-built binary packages for multiple platforms. These packages are available for free download.

Support Contracts

A distributed database is by definition more delicate than a standalone database. Many data processing components are involved, and their reliability directly contribute to the stability of the platform. Enterprise customers are well advised to consider third party support for their mission critical open-source Greenplum clusters.

With many years of code-level development experience on the Greenplum database, and with the founders of the Company being on the original engineering team of Greenplum (pre EMC acquisition), we are uniquely qualified to provide support on open-source Greenplum database.

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