More speed

More Speed

Deepgreen runs TPCH up to 5X faster than Greenplum and comes with many OLAP specific optimizations. These performance improvements means the cluster can do more without costly expansion.

More connected

More Connected

Connect effortlessly to cloud storage and data sources such as HDFS, S3, Oracle, Geode and Elastic Search. Storing the fact tables on HDFS/S3 makes for lean DW and eases ETL chores. Fresh data can be queried dynamically from Oracle or other external data source without prior loading.

More Intelligent

More Intelligent

Tight integration with Tensorflow allows for high-bandwidth ML training, and enables SQL in-database inference.

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Switch Effortlessly

Deepgreen DB is 100% binary compatible with Greenplum. Switching from Greenplum to Deepgreen is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Stop Greenplum
2. Swap binaries
3. Start Deepgreen

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Open Source Support

We can help resolve business-impacting issues involving open-source Greenplum and Apache Geode

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