Deepgreen DB


Vitesse Deepgreen DB is a scalable MPP data warehouse solution derived from the open source Greenplum Database Project. While maintaining 100% compatibility with the open source GPDB project, Deepgreen DB has a next-genaration query processor enhanced with (1) better join and aggregation algorithms, (2) new subsystem to handle spills, and (3) advanced techniques that maximize CPU performance through JIT-compiled query execution, vectorized scans, and data-path optimization.

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TPC-H 10G Results

All 22 queries of TPC-H are measured against Greenplum DB and Deepgreen DB. Q1 and Q5 are specifically graphed below for comparisons.

All Results

Raw result: Deepgreen DB vs Greenplum DB using Heap Tables

Q1: Scan and aggregate fact table

Q1 is a typical aggregate query running against the fact table.

Q5: 6-way-join

Q5 is an aggregate over a 6-way hashjoin that joins the fact table lineitem table against the orders and supplier tables, and subsequently against other dimension tables.