Deepgreen DB

What is Xdrive?

Xdrive is a Deepgreen DB connectivity service that extends the reach of Deepgreen to external data sources. Through Xdrive, Deepgreen DB is able to read/write from/to a myriad of data management systems, including Amazon S3, HDFS, Oracle, and Elastic Search.


Xdrive is written with extensibility in mind. Each plugin handles I/O to a different storage system and/or format. Although Xdrive ships with many plugins that Vitesse Data developed, customers can easily write their own.


Using Xdrive, Deepgreen DB is able to scan external tables at tremendous speed due to these underlying architectural choices:

High Bandwidth — Compared to other similar products in the market today, which transmit in units or batches of rows, Xdrive transmit data to Deepgreen DB in batches of (optionally compressed) columns. On the receiving side, due to the columnar layout of the data, it is immediate ready for further filtering using vector operations.

Pushed-down Filters — In addition, Xdrive supports filtering at the source. Deepgreen DB is able to push filter conditions to the other side of the data pipeline, potentially eliminating substantial amount of data before the transfer. This is especially crucial when the network between the producer (e.g., a Hadoop cluster) and the consumer (i.e., Deepgreen DB) is slow.

Elasticity — Finally, Xdrive is elastic in the sense that multiple Xdrive instances can work together to feed a Deepgreen DB cluster. Each instance of Xdrive can filter and push mutually exclusive fragments of data to distinctive Deepgreen DB segments, in effect supplementing the cluster’s CPU resources. Further, Deepgreen MPP is able to scan and process external data in parallel since the data lands evenly on all segments.